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Intro Kit

A variety pack of adjustable absorbency Pads for leakproof period protection, plus ultra-breathable Pantyliners for light days and daily leaks throughout the month.


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A customized introductory kit that allows you to try both adjustable absorbency Pads and all-in-one Pantyliners for daily needs or very light flow. Perfect for teens or as a gift for friends you'd like to introduce to Lunapads.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Length 6", 8" and 10"
Features Natural Fibres, Organic Fibres
Body Petite, Average
Absorbency Everyday, Light, Moderate, Heavy
Construction and Performance

Pad Base: 2 Layer, 100% cotton flannel base topped with an absorbent panel made of 2 layers of cotton fleece, and 1 layer of PUL to prevent soaking through. Nickel-free, Silver-plated brass single snap fastening.
Insert: 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece.

A single pad will get you through an entire day of your cycle; just change your insert as needed. Inserts will last approximately as long (per use) as a comparably-sized disposable pad or tampon. Unlike most disposable pads, Lunapads do not contain any added chemicals, gels, or super absorbent polymers. Given this, Lunapads users need to be mindful of changing their inserts as frequently as their flow dictates to prevent soaking through the pad base. Frequent changing of inserts significantly enhances the comfort and performance of our pads.

Wash and Care

Lunapads can be easily washed by hand or machine in any temperature with your regular detergent. Pre-soaking or rinsing in cold water prior to washing is recommended (but not always necessary) if your pad is heavily saturated. Do not soak for longer than 24 hours.

We recommend natural cleaning products such as Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda for regular cleaning, and Buncha Farmers Stain Remover to perk up stained Lunapads. Heavily stained pads may also benefit from occasional machine wash and dry in hot settings or air drying in direct sunlight.

Please avoid the use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to clean your Lunapads, as this will decrease the performance of the products and is harmful to the environment.

Allow for a 5-10% rate of shrinkage after washing.

How to Use

Wrap pad wings around the gusset of your underwear and close the snap to secure. The absorbent fleece panel should be facing up towards your body. Incorrect placement may result reduced comfort and performance of the pad.

Inserts can be added as desired by sliding the ends under the ric-rac bands on your pad. Multiple inserts may be stacked for increased absorbency. Pads can be refreshed as desired by removing and replacing the insert(s). Please note that inserts cannot be worn without a pad.

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Customer Reviews (17)

Love, love, love! Review by Hannah ON
I have been using Luna pads and Diva cup for a few months now and I couldn't be happier with both products! They have changed my life!

When I first started using my diva cup, I'd use the Luna panty liners as backup protection. Now that I am skilled with the cup, I find I don't need any back up. However, sometimes it is nice to just not have my cup in when I am at home relaxing or feeling a bit cramped up. Then I turn to my Luna pads for protection.

They are so soft, colourful, super absorbent and easy to clean! I actually don't dread my period anymore because both Diva cup and Luna pads have made it so much easier and enjoyable! Wish I found you guys sooner! I recommend you to all the women in my life! Thank you! (Posted on 11/27/2017)
WonderfulReview by Angel
These are well made, thanks! I love the variety in the kit. My daughter is excited to give these a try. She hates disposable pads and hates her period. Hopefully this will help her get used to this part of her life! We bought random for fun and she likes them all! (Posted on 8/1/2016)
Very pleased!Review by New to Luna
I was already a Diva Cup user, but I don't always want to use my Diva Cup on days when I'm just relaxing at home and I can go to the bathroom as often as I need to.

I got this kit in a mix of colours and the customer service was great - I wanted to double up on one colour and avoid the white pads and whoever filled my order honoured my request!

The pads themselves are great. Like others, I'm impressed with how absorbent they are, how comfortable and most of all, the lack of smell! I'm really surprised that larger manufacturers haven't caught on and started producing their own lines of eco-friendly pads.

I'm very happy with my purchase and if I get around to having children, I'll definitely be ordering the post-partum kit. (Posted on 6/25/2016)
Lasted 5 yearsReview by Karen
I'm just reordering some luna pads pantiliners now after my first initial order, this kit, 5 years ago! FYI, only the pantiliners are starting to be worn out after 5 years - just around the snap is tearing, probably because I tend to use them more consistently. A great investment, and so comfortable. I'm also going to order the Planet Wise stash bag to help with laundering (the reviews are great). I have a system of my own (pre-treat and sprinkle with oxyclean), but it would be nice not to have them soaking in my laundry tub in case someone stops by. As soon as it's back in stock, I'm also ordering a new Moon Pad bag - my "old" one is good as new and so versatile, not just for luna pads. (Posted on 1/3/2016)
After a Year in Lunaland...Review by Lauren
I wanted to come back and review this product again after a year using Lunapads. And the vote is: they're great!

I've got it pretty well figured out by now with which ones work best for what part of my cycle, and have grown my collection so I can get through my period without doing laundry most months.

I use the mini pads during the day, often doubled up with one basic liner and one winged one beneath it. I have one long pad with winged inserts for that first night. After that I use maxis at night, with the winged pads doubled up. On light days I use the pantyliners (teeny and mini both work great). The planet wise wet/dry bag works perfectly to pack up for a day at work or elsewhere. The small carry pouch is perfect for a quick trip or a low-profile bathroom break. The planet wise stash bag stores my kit when it's not in use and holds used pads during my period, until laundry day.

I am proud of my Lunapads collection. All that soft, colorful fabric all nestled in together makes me happy.

It's not gross or time consuming or difficult. Really! It's only better. Make the switch! You'll only wish you did it sooner. I do.
(Posted on 8/24/2013)
Very pleasedReview by shapinup
This was my very first purchase of reusable menstrual products and I am very pleased. I spent some time doing research online and really wanted to try Lunapads because of the versatility to add and remove liners without changing the whole pad during my menstrual cycle. This kit allowed me to try out the different sizes. I prefer to use pantyliners for everyday coverage and both sizes of the pantyliners cover well and don't shift much for me. I love the size of the mini pad and love the option of the wing liners and regular liners. This will probably be my pad to use with my organic tampons. For now, I'm not ready to convert to a diva cup or not use a tampon entirely while I'm menstruating. I'll save the maxi pads for at home or night time use and plan to order long pads too. Great job Luna Gals. (Posted on 7/13/2013)
Excellent kit for a first-time user of washable padsReview by Cristal
I bought this kit a couple of years ago, along with a Lunapanty and was very happy with it. It contains a nice variety so that you can get a handle on what works best for your period. I found the Maxi pad to be my favorite for day use, so I went on to purchase extra inserts for those as well as the Heavy Flow Starter Kit. I love my Lunapads!!! (Posted on 2/27/2013)
Overall, wonderful!Review by Lauren
I just finished my first LunaPeriod! And yes, it was a huge improvement. Mine wasn't shorter or less crampy than the previous ones, but still much more comfortable and soft.

This intro kit was a great starter for me to try out different products. Here's what I found:

*Like others, I wish the flaps on the pads were also lined with the leak-resistant nylon inside to protect my panties from leaks.

*I do need more pads and pantyliners-this kit was not enough for my whole period, and since I'm air-drying everything, it was sometimes a pinch to get them dry in time to use again. In general, I didn't mind washing them during my period.

*This is a large initial investment for me, but I'm getting it together because I think it's worth it to be off disposables, for my period and in other ways throughout my lifestyle.

*I wish that, when I buy new pads, I could choose to get the wing liners instead of the basic ones.

*I chose organic cotton, because it's that much softer and better for me and the environment, but there aren't many fabric choices in organic. I wish there were more choices, because that's part of what makes Lunapads so much fun to buy and use.

*Washing was not really an issue at all. I got the BunchaFarmers stain remover, and it worked great. I live in shared housing, so I just brought my used pads in the shower with me and washed them there or in the bathroom sink, and then hung them up on the edge of an open dresser drawer to dry. Having a few more pads/liners would be ideal so I could do wash a little less frequently. At the end of my period, I just put all the pre-rinsed lunas in the wash with my regular clothing, and used laundry soap with oxyclean in it and a little white vinegar, and they came out with hardly any staining at all! I avoided shrinking by washing with cold water and hanging up to dry, which I do anyway, so it wasn't any special treatment.

THANKS LUNA! I'll be back for more! (Posted on 7/4/2012)
amazing!Review by Amanda
I am a first time user of lunapads and I will never go back. I am allergic to disposables of all types and now I can honestly say I love my period. (Posted on 6/22/2012)
Great ProductReview by Hayleigh
I had already purchased a couple of liners, but needed more to actually be able to use them during my whole period. Overall, I love lunapads. Here are the pros and cons I've discovered:
Pros: Great for the environment, comfortable, cute designs, no leaking, great investment
Cons: the wings prevent them from sliding side to side, but not from sliding up and down, so sometimes I do have problems with that; you have to make a pretty sizable investment at first (but they do wind up paying for themselves) (Posted on 5/24/2012)
Little of everything and so comfyReview by Stephanie
Just finished my first period with Lunapads and I cannot tell you how much better I feel. They were so comfy.
Loved that I had a variety of pads to use along with my Divacup. I already ordered some more for overnights! These were definitely worth the money. I won't ever have to go back to icky disposables.
Thank you so much Lunagals! (Posted on 3/31/2012)
confortable, soft and reliableReview by Alice
I am using this kit for the first time and its great! they are very comfortable, and simple to use. I have less cramps, a much lighter flow and I am comfortable at night. They feel a bit bulky at first, but its a fair gain on plasticy pads. It is a initial investment, and well worth it, to be able to use lunapads for an entire period, I think you would need several liners. I am eager to try more Luna products, I have seriously never had a more pleasant period, and it really has been, even though you might call 'pleasant period' an oxymoron. I really think teens especially will love these, and once you have tried them you wont go back. The rashes I used to get from chaffing are now a thing of the past thanks to soft cotton Lunapads! (Posted on 12/16/2011)
Really Comfy and easy to wash.Review by vegantotheboneteen
I found out about these from alicia silverstone's blog: i absolutely love these i just got them about 4 days ago lunapads rock!:) at first it may feel like your wearing a diaper ;but then after a few minutes they are so comfy i cannot believe i did not know about these earlier in life. Plus it really is not that gross washing them out, seriously they actually make me feel a lot better not only am i helping out the planet, but i am also saving myself a lot of money over time. thank you lunapads i love your products!! (Posted on 10/4/2011)
Going a year strong!Review by CAL
I purchased this kit almost a year ago and it was the perfect start to my transition. These are comfortable, cute, and economical. Since my periods are light and short, this kit will actually get me through 1 entire cycle. I supplemented this kit by purchasing a few more liners, and haven't used 'sposies since! I definitely recommend trying cloth... (Posted on 4/23/2011)
perfect for "beginners"Review by jewelbean
i bought this kit for my daughter so she will be ready when she starts menstruating. she chose the mixed fabric kit so she would be surprised by the variety. it's the perfect combination of pads and pantyliners for a starter kit and my daughter is THRILLED with the fabrics. she is so excited at the prospect of starting her period. lunapads helped make this a magical, exciting transition for both me and my daughter. i've been using lunapads for years, so i know that this product is sturdy and reliable. (Posted on 2/5/2011)
A little bit of everythingReview by Inga
After much research, I decided that I liked the design of the lunapads, but I was unsure of what to get to start. I did not want to get too much (and spend more) and I am SO glad that I started with this. This kit gives a great feel for the pantyliners as well as the regular pads and their liners. I needed to buy additional pads to fit my needs, but that may not be the case. This is a GREAT place to start if you are new to lunapads! (Posted on 2/5/2011)
A great place to start with Lunapads. Love the Variety!Review by BC Laura
I purchased this kit when I was first making the switch-over (I'm allergic to disposables!), so I could get a feel for which pads and pantiliners I would use regularly to supplement my DivaCup. I loved the variety so much (and the kit price) that when I wanted to buy more lunapads, I just bought another intro kit! This kit is a great place to start. (Posted on 1/19/2011)

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Reusable menstrual products are eco-friendly, money-saving, healthy alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. Lunapads will last well over 5 years with recommended use and care! While individual use may vary, we estimate that a single Lunapad replaces 120 disposable pads or tampons.

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There are lots of reasons to switch from tampons to The DivaCup; convenience, comfort, your health, the environment, financial savings & more. This first episode in our new video series shares the personal accounts of a group of DivaCup users, and explores what motivated each woman to try this innovative menstrual solution.

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Roughly 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are sent to North American landfills annually. Each menstruating person in North America will throw away an estimated 16,800 disposable pads or tampons in their lifetime; products that require hundreds of years to biodegrade. Imagine the difference we could make if we chose to ditch the disposables.

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