How To Choose

Feeling overwhelmed? We got you. If you’re new to the concept of reusables, it can be tricky to figure out what you need. We talk folks through this process every day, so you’re in good hands. Deep breaths!

Classic Pads

Classic Lunapads feature a leakproof center panel and removable, absorbent Insert, making them completely customizable to fit your flow. Use the pad base on its own for light days, or add an Insert and change throughout the day for average flow. Classic Lunapads are made with 100% natural cotton / organic cotton flannel and fleece, and are available in 4 different sizes.

Classic Pads can be an economical choice because you only need one pad per day of your period. Instead of changing your pad during the day, you can just swap the top. It makes for less to carry around and, since Inserts are inexpensive, less of an investment up front.

To find out which size of Classic Pad you need, measure what you’re using now and choose a comparable size. You’ll need 1 pad per day, and about as many Inserts to match the number of times you would normally change your disposable pad each day. That's it!

Performa Pads

Fabric technology has come a long way in recent years, and Performa Lunapads take advantage of all the advanced features performance fabrics have to offer.

Performa Pads feature a specially-engineered wicking cotton top layer, a super-absorbent polyester core, and edge-to-edge leak protection. Thanks to all that tech, Performa Lunapads are an excellent choice for heavy flow and light bladder leaks.

To find out which size of Performa Pad you need, measure what you’re using now and choose a comparable size. You'll need roughly as many Performa Pads per period as you would disposable pads — but keep in mind that Performa is more absorbent than disposable pads, so you might find that you wont need to change your pad as many times during the day. You can also wash your pads part way through your cycle, which will cut down on the number of pads you’ll need to get through a period.


Classic Pantyliners are thin, soft, and super-breathable thanks to their all-cotton construction. They do not contain a leakproof lining, making them the best choice for everyday wear throughout the month. Choose from 4 different sizes in conventional and organic cotton.

Performa Liners are made with a high-performance wicking cotton top and a super-absorbent polyester core. They also feature an edge-to-edge leakproof backing, so if you’re looking for ultra-thin, worry-free protection for light flow or light bladder leaks, choose Performa.

Luna Undies

Luna Undies are absorbent, leakproof underwear that completely replace your regular disposable pad or tampon routine. The gusset (that’s a fancy word for crotch!) of Luna Undies has a hidden layer that prevents leaks, and the inside is lined with 100% organic cotton fleece, which is extra soft and absorbent.

Luna Undies also feature a removable absorbent layer, called an Insert, that you can change throughout the day. By swapping out the Insert, you can wear the same pair of undies all day long and still feel dry and comfortable. You'll need 1 pair of Luna Undies per day of your cycle, and as many Inserts as the number of times you normally change your pad during the day.

Consult our size chart to find the perfect fit.

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