Background is a women-owned mission driven business based in Vancouver, Canada. Our mission is to help our customers have healthier and more positive experiences of their period, and of their bodies overall. Lunapads works to build an organization reflective of our values of transparency, authenticity, inclusivity, sustainability and body positivity. We are proud to call ourselves intersectional feminists. For all media inquiries, please reach out to

How did Lunapads start?

In 1993 Madeleine Shaw, then an aspiring fashion designer, started making Lunapads in an attempt to resolve monthly bladder infections she had been suffering as a result of tampon use. In making the switch, she revolutionized her relationship with her period and was inspired to start a business. By 1999, Lunapads were available in Canadian health food stores. In the same year Madeleine met Suzanne Siemens, a business-savvy chartered accountant at a community leadership course. The two combined their talents to make Lunapads the globally-recognized brand it is today.

Why do most make the switch?

Many people find plastic pads and tampons uncomfortable, expensive and environmentally destructive - over twenty billion disposable products are added to North American landfills every year. Switching to reusables is affordable, sustainable and surprisingly easy - no more monthly drugstore runs! Many users find the products more comfortable than disposables - Lunapads uses a blend of high-tech, natural and organic fabrics that keep users dry and comfortable. Unlike conventional products, our transparency in production eliminates the concerns many have about the chemical residues in disposables, which may include dioxins and pesticide residues.

How do you respond to the “eww” factor?

The period taboo is rooted in sexism, and view periods as gross, dirty or shameful. Neither are true - menstruation is a normal biological function. Lunapads are easy to use and easy to clean, and many of our customers report that they feel liberated by ditching their needless period shame and building a more positive relationship with their body.

What are the main benefits of reusable products vs. disposables?

Dramatically reduced waste, financial savings, superior comfort and fewer health issues.


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