Why Switch?

Thinking about making the switch to reusable menstrual products but still have questions? This section explores health, environmental, financial, ethical and performance considerations that should help inform your decision. Tens of thousand worldwide have already made the switch to Lunapads, Luna Undies or The DivaCup. Click the icons below to learn more.


Why are there no ingredients listed on pad and tampon boxes? Exposure to unknown chemicals and potential irritants should not be the price you pay for having a period. Lunapads are gentle and body-safe, with no mystery additives, fragrance, or adhesives.


Thanks to Lunapads customers, more than 2 million disposable pads and tampons are diverted from landfills every. single. month. All of our products are reusable and built to last, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.


Disposable pads & tampons cost *at least* twice as much as reusables, because you have to keep buying them month after month. We're here to help you manage your periods independently, economically, and on your own terms.


Lunapads is an ethical, social-mission based business. As a founding Canadian B Corporation, we’ve had our business audited to ensure we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


How well do Lunapads and other reusable options perform in comparison to disposables? Disposable products are superior in performance thanks to all the chemicals and plastics discussed in the Health and Environment sections.

Have Questions?

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