Deluxe Kit

A comprehensive kit to cover your whole period, featuring Classic Pads & Inserts in our short and medium lengths.

Each pad in the kit comes with two basic Inserts so you can change throughout the day. Use the shorter pads during the day and switch to longer styles for nighttime use, or for extra coverage on heavy days.

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Pads: 100% Cotton / Organic Cotton flannel base, Polyurethane laminated polyester lining, 100% Cotton / Organic Cotton fleece top layer
Inserts: 100% Cotton / Organic Cotton

Mini Pad & Insert sets are 8" long and 2.5" wide across the center panel when snapped. Maxi Pad & Insert sets are 10" long and 2.75" wide across the center panel when snapped. Wing Extenders add an extra ½" of width to fit underwear with a wider gusset.

All measurements are approximate.


Tips & Advice

Our answers to your most frequently asked questions — like how to wash and care for your Lunapads, plus tips on how to transport and store them when you're on the move.

Bundle Up & Save $

Put together a custom set of pads, liners, or undies that fit your flow — and score some sweet savings while you're at it.


Your purchases help girls in East Africa receive pads and educational materials to support their reproductive health.


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