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The pStyle allows you to pee standing up, without undressing. Ideal for camping, hiking or anywhere you'd rather not sit to pee.

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The pStyle is what's known as an STP (stand  to pee) device. It allows you to pee standing up without undressing, in any situation. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, festival goers, road-trippers, we think everyone could use one!

The pStyle's simple design and rigid plastic makes it easy to position into the clothes you are wearing.  With rounded edges for comfort, the back edge can be used to wipe with so there are no drips! Clean by shaking vigorously, wiping or rinsing with a Peri Bottle. Each pStyle measures 8 inches long and comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste!

The pStyle is made from BPA and phalate-free polyethelene plastic.
Refer to the pStyle Website for more details and testimonials.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Construction and Performance The pStyle is made from BPA and phalate-free polyethelene plastic.
How to Use Place the wide end between your legs, centered under your urethra and press against you. Tilt the open end slightly downward, relax and pee. Pull the pStyle slowly forward with firm upward pressure to remove any remaining drops. Shake off, wash and store for later use.
Wash and Care Wash with soap and warm water


Customer Reviews (9)

Perfect Med SamplesReview by C-Bear
I originally bought the P-Style for road trips - the men always seem to be able to go when they need but they find it so hard to plan rest stops for me. Surprisingly, that's not where I use it! Some public places are so grungy, you don't want to sit. However, the most helpful has been at the hospital/clinic: I have to give regular urine samples to monitor my kidneys and this has made them a breeze! Whereas before I had aim problems, I really have none when I use the P-Style.

While the person said to keep trying if you have trouble, not everyone does. This was my first experience with urination products, and I got it the first time. I thought it was beginner's luck, and I had some trouble the second time (I was nervous); by the fifth practice, I had left the shower, tried with the seat up and down and was working sticking it in my pants. I had it down! It is the easiest out there...

... and I have now tried a couple, because I broke my P-Style. The other ones are so hard to use and can be bulky to carry. I am reordering the P-Style. (Posted on 7/26/2017)
Love this thing!Review by RB
I bought this for fun and because I am a huge nature person that almost always ends up somewhere without a bathroom. The pstyle is so much fun and easy to use. It's great to have on hand, whether out in the forest, or in the middle of a public bathroom. Definitely have a bag for it. Lunapads has a small bag that's perfect for it and no one will suspect what's in there. Now I just gotta go find that thing after moving twice. (Posted on 3/8/2017)
If at first you don't succeed, try & try againReview by Ms Mason
I did not get the hang of this on the first try. Or the second, or third. In fact, it took me lots of practice to place it properly and aim it right. Now, I love it! I use it for snowshoeing, and it's so much more convenient not to have to strip down just to pee. As an added bonus, if you're going to pee in the biffy - you don't have to take your snowshoes off first! (Posted on 4/6/2016)
I'm a PRO!Review by Conchita
This is amazing and a life-saver. I tried it various times at home first. I went in for the kill the very first time and found I have amazing aim, no need to practice - I'm such a PRO! Maybe the men in my family need to re-think their excuses about aim! Anyway, this is a wonderful invention. I need my knee replaced, since my early teens - am 49 now and have been told I need to wait till I'm 70 (not long to go, yay!!!!) which means I can't pee in public loos standing up cause my knee won't have it. Cause I'm such a pro I thought I'd try it out in IKEA. I was in and out in a flash! So happy! No more cleaning the toilet seat and laying down paper to sit on and hubby looking at his watch whilst waiting. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. So empowering, I can pee anywhere I want :-) (Posted on 7/23/2015)
Glad I had it after surgery!!!Review by Donna
I had bought this because I travel a lot and go camping once in a while. Sometimes in those out-of-the-way places it can be uncomfortable to be a woman. This certainly takes that discomfort away. But I recently had abdominal surgery, and it is difficult to sit down and get back up. After several attempts at going the "normal way" I decided to use my pStyle, and I was so glad to have it! It's one less worry during my recovery time. I was already happy to have bought this product, but now it's at a new level! (Posted on 12/12/2013)
Very happy!!!Review by KRISTINA
I tried it in the shower and it worked perfectly, I immediately got the hang of it! As long as you know where your urethra is I don't think you'll have an issue! Also, while I was washing it in the shower (before I used it, and after), I noticed that while the stream of water was pretty heavy, it wasn't overflowing and there was no water spilling from the sides, it formed a perfect stream! It made me feel quite secure about using it in public! (Posted on 10/23/2013)
Convenient Product!Review by Katherine
The pStyle is great to use for hiking, at the lake, or in foreign countries known for squatty potties. I wish I had this years ago! The pStyle is easy to use and easy to clean. (Posted on 8/7/2013)
Pretty usefulReview by Stephanie
You definitely need a pouch of some kind to carry this around (it won't fit into any of my pockets, for sure). I had to practice a bit until I could use this properly, but it's useful in emergencies when there's nowhere else to 'go'. That is if you remember to have the pStyle with you! :) Looking up some 'hints' and suggestions for use is a good idea (youtube etc.). It can be a bit tricky at first... (Posted on 6/27/2013)
pStylin'Review by I.P. Freely
I bought this on a whim as an add-on to my pantyliner order, and I am quite pleased with it. Make note of the measurements, because it is somewhat large. Also google "Krista pStyle" and there are some wonderful videos of people pStylin'. I tried it out at home before I took it out, but it really is easy to use and not at all messy (no TP required, no wet pants). It works best with pants with a fly, but I have also used it with elastic-waist garments. Very nice for no-TP, no-seat, no-toilet type situations (camping, hiking, city-living, festivals, etc.). (Posted on 5/14/2013)

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