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5 Reasons Why Cloth Pads & Period Underwear Won't Work for Swimming

Starting in the Spring time, we here at Lunapads HQ start getting daily phone calls, emails and live chats from customers desperate to find products...

by Christa T.

Swimming Without a Tampon: What Will & Won't Work

Ah summer; when young menstruators’ thoughts turn to pool parties with friends, long days on sandy beaches by the sea, and family vacations to cottages...

by Christa T.

Meet Christa

Hello, Lunapads fans! I’m the newest addition to the Lunapads team and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I’m working the “front of the...

by Christa T.

It’s not complicated, it’s just different

By far the most common inquiry I get as the customer service rep here at Lunapads is: "What kit should I buy if I’m just...

by Christa T.

Tips For Super-Savvy Kids By Your Cool Aunt (Flo)

So, you saw one of your friends following Lunapads on Instagram and got curious about cloth pads, you did a bunch of reading and research,...

by Christa T.