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Could This Be The Last One?

It is a really interesting place in my life that I find myself in. I'm in my mid forties and fully experiencing the “signs” of...

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In Praise of Doulas

Dear Lunapads, Thank you so much for sponsoring our event! We had a great turn out and feel we've really opened a lot of eyes....

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Peace Corps Cloth Pad Project Update

In May 2011 Pads4Girls was contacted by Helen McGuirk, a Peace Corps volunteer working in Nyanza Province, Kenya. Helen was collecting funds to start a...

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5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Lunapads

As a former New Yorker, I hustled uptown, downtown and across midtown through endless nights of work, fun and (little) sleep. I recently returned to...

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Healthy Periods: A Doctor's Global Perspective

Guest blogger Saki Onda is a Masters of Public Health student in the global health department at the Harvard School of Public Health. The ability...

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