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Meet Jane

Hello, Lunahive! My name is Jane, and I’m the newest member of the team, joining as the Marketing and Communications Manager. I did not think...

by Jane H.

Faster, Higher, Bloodier: Periods and Athletes

What is it like to be a world-class athlete - and get your period?
by Jane H.

5 Queer Love Stories For V-Day

It’s Valentine’s Day - a holiday that started out as a commemoration of a Christian martyr named Valentine, whose backstory is frankly 90% hypothesis, but...

by Jane H.

A Few Tips On Taking Care of Yourself Over The Holidays

As the holidays ramp up, so do stress levels. Between packed schedules, holiday expenses, organizing everyone for festive feasts and just dealing with snow, storms...

by Jane H.

Your Period, Yeast Infections and Reusables

Many of you know the feeling. Itching. Burning. Really, really gross discharge. You've got a yeast infection. Yeast, or to be more science-y about it,...

by Jane H.

Real Talk About Bladder Leaks

Let's talk about pee.


by Jane H.