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Meet Lisa

HMU on Twitter at @nettlecrown 🌈 Hey everyone, Lisa here; resident web lizard, graphic designer & office DJ. I arrived on Lunapads' doorstep in 2006...

by Lisa F.

A Preteen Guide to Lunapads

Jeannette wrote to me recently as a concerned mom who hopes Lunapads will help her daughter have an easier period. Read on for their story,...

by Lisa F.

Lunapads for All Genders, All Bodies

Note: This post was originally published in 2011. Over the last 5+ years, we’ve seen the menstrual and reproductive health space really begin to shift with...

by Lisa F.

My Autistic Daughter has Period Independence

Over the years, we've received a bunch of messages from autistic customers — and from the parents of autistic kids and teens, too — telling...

by Lisa F.

Your Support Matters: Pader Girls Academy Update

Last May, we launched a special One4Her campaign in partnership with Diva International Inc. to provide sustainable menstrual supplies to students at the Pader Girls...

by Lisa F.