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Community & Global Outreach

Lunapads has been providing girls and women in need with our products since 1994.
Please also visit our blog for stories and images of Pads4Girls and other donation success stories!

Lunapads Community Outreach

Lunapads Community Outreach

Lunapads and Pads4Girls in Kenya

Pads4Girls in Uganda

Lunapads for Girls in Haiti

"On behalf the Vancouver Technical Secondary Music Program, I would like to thank you for supplying us with a donation worth of $2,500 of Lunapads and liners for our hygiene kits for the Girls in Haiti. Because of your generosity, many girls are now able to worry less about their monthly gifts while simultaneously benefit the environment.

The recent earthquake has left many unable to afford pads and tampons when they are also in need of a home and food. In addition, to those who are sensitive to the harsh texture of disposable pads, discomfort and itchiness is the number one concern that constantly bothers one during that time of the month rendering them incapable of concentrating on other things. However, the softness and the great absorbency of the pads are perfect for sensitive skin and the re-usable quality of the product is much more economical than the disposable versions.

Our program appreciates your phenomenal contribution to the girls in Haiti as well as revolutionizing the standards of female hygiene products."

Gigi Poon
Music Council President

Lunapads for Girls in Uganda

"The Pads you’ve provided through the Pads4Girls programme have been such a blessing to the girls in Kibaale, Uganda. I spoke to many of the girls while there and they are just so thankful. It is hard to comprehend what this donation means to these girls! The staff at Kibaale Community School are amazing at making sure the girls who need it most receive the donations - I personally would not like to have that responsibility as I see it as an absolute necessity for every girl! Hopefully as time goes by we can provide all of our girls with pads. Thanks again for partnering with us to take care of our girls in Kibaale!"

Jenny Nel
Pacific Academy Outreach Society

Lunapads for Girls in Cuba

"Once again, I would like to thank Lunapads so much for entrusting me with their wonderful donations for Cuba. Local Cuban’s, myself, friends, family and fellow travelers all acknowledged the trust that Lunapads had given me. Because of this amazing display of the honor system, all whom I encountered at home and in Cuba gained a great appreciation and respect for Lunapads for their generosity. These donations have touched many lives in many different ways and your company’s support had everyone amazed! Thanks so much ladies! It was a pleasure and truly amazing experience."

Lisa Walters

Lunapads for Girls in Kenya

"Dear Luna Gals,
I’m back! Days for Girls was a Transformative Experience. It is almost unimaginable to learn that girls in the slums of Kenya could be waiting in their room for days during menstruation, unable to attend school. Thanks to YOU and many other amazing women all over the nation who stepped up to help make a difference, we were all able to make 520 feminine hygiene kits a reality with just 3 ½ weeks notice! And the impact was far greater than any of us ever dreamed. Thank you for ALL you did to make this all possible. It was, and is, miraculous. Will we do it again? Yes! A thousand times yes! We’re already gearing up to go again and the sewing machines are back to full speed ahead."

Celeste Mergens