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I switched to reusable cloth pads and the DivaCup 4 years ago and I'm never going back to disposables! The DivaCup can safely be left in longer than a tampon and doesn't dry me out, so I can use it overnight as well as during the day. When I recently started a birth control pill that can cause spotting, I put in an order for pantyliners and more Lunapanties; I can use them every day in my cycle without feeling wasteful, and they make great backups for the DivaCup during my period.

They are also unobtrusive -- I'm already accustomed to cloth panties, so I don't even notice the extra fabric. I remember frequently becoming annoyed at the failure of the adhesives on disposable pads, but the design of Lunapads is reassuringly fuss-free and secure.

In a world of multi-national corporations that care more about profits than products, I'm glad there are still companies who take the time to make sure their customers are satisfied.
This is probably in a pile of positive words about your site but, I wanted to add mine. I am so happy I stumbled across Lunapads, they have really changed my life! They are ridiculously comfortable and they have completely eliminated the rashes I used to get from disposable pads - I didn't know I could live life without getting them every month.

I also got the DivaCup to use while swimming and kayaking and I am so glad I never have to use tampons again. Just looking at those disposable products and their toxicity makes me want to say: Thank you thank you thank you!

I switched to Lunapads 8 years ago. I had recurrent yeast infections and was diagnosed with Psoriasis in my nether regions. I was using cloth diapers at the time so it didn't seem like so far a reach to make the change myself. In the eight years since, my yeast infections have all but vanished and I have no need for the prescription creams to control my psoriasis symptoms. My periods are more predictable. I have tried several cloth pads but I love my Lunapads the best!
I want to let you know how wonderfully your products have served me. Thank you so much for giving me your suggestions! It really helped me decide what to get. I think I got just the right amount to fit my needs and lifestyle. Your Lunapads products are so fabulous for birthing and postpartum recovery!

My daughter was born on a bed lined with leopard Lunablankets - they're so much nicer than paper pads! In the days after her birth, I lounged on Lunablankets wherever I sat. At night, they where so soft to sleep on!

The Lunablankets are so fabulous for sleeping on when you're nursing. Sometimes the early nursing days can be a wet affair! My daughter and I would curl up in bed on a Lunablanket.

I've birthed four babies, and this was the most comfortable I've ever been postpartum. Not only were your products tender on my recovering body, but they were attractive, too. Thanks for helping to preserve this incredibly feminine and sexy period of my life! I'm delighted to support a business run by people who respond to email while their baby is sleeping!

I had surgery last week and woke up with a hospital pad on. After a year of Lunapads this was a terrible shock. To find the silver lining, it was a great reminder of how much better life is since I switched to cloth pads! I wanted to tell you again how wonderful Lunapads are and thank you! I used to have painful carbuncles and breakouts and it was all because of disposable pads! Since switching to Lunapads - no more problems! Love you Lunapads!
I had been on the fence for ages about using a washable menstrual product, then I developed an allergy to something in conventional "sanitary" products. I recently participated in the No Impact Project's Earth Week carbon cleanse and the topic of reusable products came up. One of my new friends recommended Lunapads and I thought, hey, it's time to give this a try.

I love your products. I purchased some pads and liners and a pair of panties for my active days. After only one cycle, I am going to be a lifelong customer! I felt so much better knowing I was using a product that didn't harm the planet. Not to mention that it was the easiest period I have ever had with less cramps, less problems, and more enjoyment of my body. I am now a Lunapads evangelist and I am putting the pamphlets I ordered in places I know they will find an audience.

I love that I am supporting an independent business run by women, and I love the product and what they do for me. My husband asked me what I would like for Mother's Day and I told him, "More Lunapads, please!"

The past 3 months have been the best periods of my life! Yea, weird I know, but I don't have to worry about my hair sticking to a tape strip, I have no cramps, I don't have to be embarrassed with my plastic pouches in restrooms and most of all, I don't smell like blood! (Maybe the last one is just a personal observation but I hated that stench!)

I can't say enough how much easier the period has become! No more embarrassing blood-overflowing garbage can right next to the toilet for visitors either! Being disabled it also makes it easier because I can adjust my pad when I put it on, which was an issue because I have a swayback which pulls my butt further back and if the pad is fixed in the panty it won't move! I can't say enough about Lunapads! I'm actually telling people about them and how much better it is for me and the earth! Go Lunapads!

Lunapads have literally changed my life. I no longer have to worry if I am going to have enough pads to last the day. i no longer have to ask my husband to go to the drug store for me. i no longer have to wear hot, wet, yucky pads. I don't have to deal with chafing, leaking, or adhesives sticking to me! Now I always have them when i need them, I don't have to bother my hubby, I'm drier, more comfortable and oh yeah, I have more money in my pocket for my monthly chocolate fix! Thank you Lunapads for changing my life and lives of others all over the world!
I've been using Lunapads & the LadyCup for several years now and I absolutely cannot imagine going back to the ickiness and inconvenience of the disposable nightmare. Not only do I feel better about how I am treating my body and the environment but I never have to worry if I have enough supplies along. Thanks so much for all you do to bring awareness to these alternatives; I would never have had the courage to try it without the articles and testimonials I found on your site.
I have been using a Diva Cup and Lunapads pantyliners exclusively since my period returned after my last pregnancy. I found an old box of pantyliners recently, and used one because my lunapad pantyliners were not handy. At the end of the day, I realized I was having an allergic reaction to the adhesive, even though it was not in contact with my skin! I've reacted to bandaids and other adhesives, but never before to a menstrual product- wow, talk about unpleasant! After that experience, I got rid of every adhesive pad and panty liner left in the house, and I came here to purchase the deluxe lunapad set. Yay! Thank you for offering an alternative!
I've always been interested in using cloth pads but I never actually did until just recently. I got a sample kit and tried it out and came back and bought enough for a whole period. Once you get to used to a system of washing and wearing it becomes really easy. I won't go back to disposables and I'm telling all my closest friends to give it a try.
I just ordered another three pairs of the hipster lunapanties. I am new to this whole idea of non-disposable menstrual products. I have to say these are the most comfortable underwear I own, even on non-cycle days. I also purchased a Diva Cup, and it took me a while to get up the nerve to try it took me a couple of tries to get it right--but after I figured it out, it's amazing! I wish I would have known about all this years ago! Thanks a bunch Lunapads!
My last cycle was the first time I used Lunapads. I loved them! And there's so many obvious reasons to love them: Saving money, no skin reaction, saving the Earth. But then there's the unexpected outcomes that make it so much better: not having to listen to crunchy pads every time you change them, more confidence in having your period, better connection with your body, no ruining certain types of underwear with sticky disposable backs, not having to worry about finding a trash can in the bathroom, wearing nice, warm, clean liners fresh out of the dryer... the list goes on. I also used the moon bag and I love my little owls on it! It was great knowing I was the only person who really knew what was in there. Just happily placed my second order and I cannot wait for my next cycle. Thank you!