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I have alway chosen the easiest way possible to deal with my period, and honestly thought store bought pads and tampons were the easiest....they are not. Lunapads come with honesty, comfort, love and a way to connect with body that I never thought possible. I can't and won't live without them. They are the most loving thing you can do for yourself. Please don't cheat yourself -- care for yourself enough to use the best.
Merci beaucoup pour l'excellent service, votre site est très bien fait et j'adore vos produits. Livraison très rapide!
I cant wait for my Lunapads! I have always loved my period but disposables made everything so uncomfortable. disposables would leak day and night and tampons are so uncomfotable and I was concerned about all of the waste. On my online search for the perfect product i stumbled apon cloth pads. I was grossed out at first but after doing more reasearch I got used to the idea. I am proud to say I have been using cloth pads for a year now. But I am not satisfied with my all in one design cloth pads. They have thick inner layers and need to be soaked washed and rewashed. When I found Lunapads i was excited that I have control over how many layers of protection I use. I cant wait to try my Lunapads!
To Always Infinite, Your ad text, as follows: Pads have been made out of the same fluff for years. Today, there's Always Infinite. The most amazing pad ever! Made of an innovative material.called Infiniicel not used before in other pads. With a unique foam-like core that molds to fit your body so you hardly know it's there. Plus, it keeps it shape better and absorbs up to 60% more. Always Infinite - created by women for you. has inspired this rewrite: Pads have been made out of the simple stuff for years. Today, there's Lunapads - the most amazing pad ever! Made of a familiar material called cotton historically used before in other pads. With a unique hand-sewn core that tucks into the liner so air can flow through there. Plus, it treats the Earth better and absorbs up to 600%* more. Lunapads - created by women for you. (*this statistic has been imaginatively fabricated.)
I've been using lunapads for years now and I can't imagine my life without them. The fabric is much more comfortable than disposable pads, and just as absorbent. Washing them each month has become like a monthly version of brushing my teeth. It keeps me connected to my cycle and grounded. Plus my bathroom trash doesn't stink if I neglect to take it out each month! 
I started out with 2 pairs of lunapanties in my last month of pregnancy, and I loved them so much that I wore them everyday. Just after my son was born, I ordered 3 more pairs and I do wear them everyday. I cannot imagine having to wear a hot, sweaty, plastic pad for the next 4 to 6 weeks! Also, the people at the other end of the line are absolutely lovely, and my orders were shipped very fast. Thank you for making such a great product!
After researching how women used to deal with their periods through out different time periods, I became very interested through this historical aspect and began to look into alternate solutions to manufactured menstrual products. I did the math and figured that I used at least 21 pads and 7-10 tampons every month, multiply that and you get 252 pads and 84 tampons every year. Now take that minimal number and multiply that by the number of menstruating people in the US alone. Think of all the waste that each person creates while on her period. I decided to make a change; I made my own pads by tracing a manufactured one onto no-pill fleece. I have to say these are the most comfortable and absorbent pads EVER, and they don't give me a rash! And how many pads do I use every month now? 10. I have used these new pads for 3 months now. Best choice I have ever made!
Wow! I just received my second order (and it definitely won't be my last!), and I am again floored by your amazing products! These products have changed my life. Who smiles when they get products for their cycle? Lunapads customers. I'm proud to be one of them. Thank you for the incredible difference you are making for people everywhere. Add this woman to the ever-growing list! Love you, Lunapads!
Here are 3 words I never even imagined I would think of, let alone use: BEST PERIOD EVER. For at least 15 years, I had referred to this week as "green week" because the sugar pill in my BCP pack was green. Now, I have had my first GREEN (eco - friendly) Green Week! With a combination of LunaPads, some cloth pads that I made, and the DivaCup - i am shocked and amazed at how easy it was. I decided to try cloth for a variety of reasons. The DivaCup was recommended highly by a friend, so i tried it. Even with the learning curve on the cup, this has been the cleanest most comfortable period i have ever had. Thanks to the LunaGals for the wonderful hints, tips, videos, and honest information!
I just recieved my Lunapads and Moonbag in the mail today, they are so cute! I can't wait till I get my period this month to try them! I already use the DivaCup and now I'm excited to try my Lunapads! Thanks Ladies for making such a cute product and making eco-friendly periods more fun!
These products (the Diva Cup and Lunapads) TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. There is no exaggeration here...for years I'd felt that there was something wrong about the way that I took care of my girl needs, and the messages that we're always receiving that our periods are dirty or something to throwing away billions of pads and tampons into landfills every year. Not only do I feel amazing not throwing anything away, but using the DivaCup and Lunapads has actually made me (get ready for this) LOOK FORWARD to having my period. These products have made me more in touch with my cycle, but at the same time, I sometimes forget I'm even on my period when I'm using the DivaCup because it's so incredible and convenient. Although using the DivaCup for the first time took some adjusting, after three or so times taking it out and cleaning it and reinserting it, I was a pro. If you're on the fence for any reason at all, just give it a'll never regret it (in fact, you'll wonder why it took you so long to just go for it)!
January marked the one year anniversary with Lunapads and I am NEVER looking back!I have been keeping track of my cycle with the cycle charts and find it fascinating that there are so many repeating patterns with my body each month-- everything from sore feet a week before moontime to the intimate times with my boyfriend that seem almost to follow a schedule!
I need to use pads due to health issues, despite my gender. I bought a Lunapad for cost savings, but the real benefit has been relief of the way that disposable protective pads were damaging my skin. Lunapads are so much more comfortable. Thank you for making Lunapads, and thank you for your patience in helping me, a man no less, find the right one for my needs.
How did we arrive here, as a society, where we are afraid or repulsed, by the healthy and actually amazing functioning of a menstruating body? We think it's normal to quickly rip out and throw away the plastic pad we bought from the store, and we do this as if the whole process is disgusting. Using the Lunapads actually transforms you. As you take care of these pretty cloth pads, rinsing them out and so on, you accept what your body is doing, and you can embrace the act of taking care of yourself and these nicely made articles, which you treat as clothing. (I enjoy the mix of patterns in the 'surprise me' color choice.) As a Catholic, I feel that this method really works well with to bring us back in tune with our bodies in the way that the Church encourages. Thank you to the Lunapad Ladies!
I started using Lunapads and the Diva cup a few months ago and it took me a couple of cycles to get accustomed to a new routine and transition almost exclusively to these new "tools." I had never relied much on tampons before because they were never effective for me and their ineffectiveness coupled with the risks made them a very unattractive solution; so I relied primarily on pads. The biggest improvement since starting to use Lunapads and the Diva cup has been my ability to sleep during my period! I used to wake up, especially the first few mornings of my period, with an incredibly stiff and sore back because I couldn't move all night for fear of springing a leak! I never got a good night's sleep either because I was constantly monitoring my movement, not allowing myself to roll onto my side. I'd wake up stiff and tired. Now, I'm able to sleep on my side, move freely when I turn over, and I don't have to worry! Waking up without a stiff back and after getting a better night's sleep has been a huge accomplishment and that itself has made making the switch well worth it for me!