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Years ago I found your company and after having terribly painful periods, and an allergy to disposable pads, I was so thankful for you ladies and your hard work. I have found one of the most important things about lunapads is the comfort they bring to me. Today, I experienced my fourth miscarriage. While in the throws of depression and despair I have found that my lunapads have brought me the comfort I so desperately need. When this type of tragedy tears my life apart, yet again, I find that putting on my lunapads is akin to cuddling up with a childhood blankie, and in these dark moments I look for any little bit of comfort I can get. Thank you for that. On this day of all days I needed that comfort and familiarity.
Love the customer service and attention to helping you out with any questions. They don't just sell you a product then forget you! I feel like I matter.
I was a hold out because of the cost (mainly). But when I took the plunge I was so happy. Not only do I no longer have all of the GARBAGE to haul to town (we live way out in the country), but I feel pampered during my period. SO SOFT! Plus, I recouped the cost in about 5 months or maybe less. The biggest surprise is that I NEVER leak onto the bed or my clothes. Plus, I ride horses for hours at a time for my living and the soft flannel of Lunapads is WORLDS more comfortable than paper and plastic. (I don't use tampons ever.) Care and washing are easy and minimal. The deciding factor, for me, was environmental (if you're gonna talk the talk then walk the walk), but the rewards went way beyond that. Now granted my gross-factor is way lower than most people but I have to say that the hassle is minimal.
I just had my first TOTALLY waste-free period and I feel great about it. It was a gradual transition away from the familiar (wasteful, uncomfortable, limiting) products I'd been using for the last 17 years. It took me three cycles to get there as I phased out the old and become more comfortable and confident relying on the Lunapads and Diva cup. The Diva cup stays in over night and allows me to get restful sleep in any position I find comfortable because I don't have to worry about springing a leak. And when I get up in the morning I can get going with my day and come back to dealing with my period later without worrying about a mess. One of the things I've been happiest about is the major reduction in general messiness and odor using the Diva cup. There's no gross, wet sensation and moment of concern that you have when wearing just a pad since everything is neatly contained within. It feels so much cleaner and it is. I never realized how much this bothered me until I experienced a "clean" period. But I feel much more feminine and, well, just "normal" without the mess.
 I'm 21 years old and I had not ovulated or had a menstrual period in over 2 years due to medical issues. Now that the issue is resolved, my body seems to be making up for lost time. I had always used either disposables or washrags but they don't do the job very well! I am very appreciative that there is a company out there genuinely interested in helping girls/women get in tune with their bodies in a very natural way. It is so nice that you take time out of your own lives to help others. I also love the way that you chose your company name to be in tune with nature and the moon cycles - just like our periods. Thanks for being so awesome!
I received my order from you in record time, and actually cried when I opened the package. My Lunapads are beautiful. I am moved that someone took the time to think out and craft something so perfectly suited for my body. The pads are a joy to care for. They're no chore whatsoever to wash; it provides me with some much-needed time to reflect. Most importantly, they feel and work great! As I mentioned before, they are beautifully designed. This entire Lunapads experience has really been like a second, healed version of menarche. How many get this chance, I wonder? You can be sure that I'll spread the word to everyone I love – Lunapads are the best. A thousand thanks, and keep up the good work!
I just had to write and express my gratitude to you for taking so much time to help me complete my order. I was so impressed with the assistance, and I know that the products will exceed my expectations. Thanks again for promoting such a positive, meaningful set of products that support and educate women. I will be referring Lunapads to as many as I can. I am so excited to put my Lunapads and Lunablanket to use after my baby’s birth!
Dear Lunapads, Thank you so much for telling the world that your period does not have to be some dreaded event! Having just gone off the pill, Seasonale, I was dreading my monthly period. I got used to having my period 4x a year -- but with heavy flow, a lot of cramping, and itchy pads.

Searching for other alternatives, I came across your website and it was like the light flicked on. I immediately ordered an Intro Kit and got my supply a day before I was to start. It was the first time I was actually excited to get my period - pretty pads and knowing I was helping the environment. I was in awe.

Not only were they extremely comfortable, I practically forgot I was wearing a pad. No more irritation either! I was worried that there'd be an odor but I have found disposable pads actually leave an odor, not these. I'm 100% impressed and have told my friends about Lunapads and The DivaCup.

I have to commend you for such a wonderful website and your obvious love for what you do. You can bet I'll be singing your praises to anyone who will listen!
I am 12 and I really like Lunapads; they are really fun and cool. The girls at Lunapads made me feel special
I cloth diapered my two babies from birth to toilet-training. Strangely I was skeptical about the ease of using The DivaCup and Lunapads for myself. Today is my first day using my new ECO stash. I AM TOTALLY CONVINCED - it's so easy. What was I thinking? No disposables for me ever again!
I am so happy with my lunapads! I bought one at London Drugs just yesterday. I couldn't wait to get home to wash it and try it out! I love them so much! They are super comfortable especially overnight, no sweating involved! They feel amazing, I'm going to order a few more over the next few months and I don't think I will ever go back to disposable ones.
I ran across your ad in Bitch Magazine years ago and filed away the idea for a few months. Finally I "lady-ed up" and bought a Diva Cup Kit. It took me a while to figure out the best way to wear it (I like folding it in half to insert it and then sliding a finger around it to make sure it's deployed correctly). I never liked tampons because they always leaked, but now I've completely forgotten the days of buying sticky plastic pads and freaking out when I didn't have one on me in public. The Diva Cup has never let me down now that I've got it figured it out and the tiny thong liners I got are amazingly comfy. Bonus: At first I tried to hide my Kit from my boyfriend, but after I explained them he said he thinks those tiny liners are adorable. He folds them up into tiny packages when they come out of the dryer! Thank you sincerely for your wonderful products and message!
Wow! I'm 15 and very big on eco-friendly items. I had found ways to be eco friendly in every way of life except for periods... I had assumed they didn't make reusable pads- or if they did, they were from a in-home just for family type thing.. When I found these I fell in love!!!

I have already decided that when I have a daughter I will be waiting for the day when I can present her with a gift box filled with different designed pads and liners + luna chocolate, one of your books, and wet dry bags!! Please still have this company in 15-30 years when I will be having girls that will be around age to start their period!

For years I've suffered from uncomfortable chafing and worrying about leaks while using disposable liners. Finally I am comfortable and confident during my period. I love the wide array of designs and colors - I own just about every pattern! Thanks, Lunapads, for making my time of month a happier one!
I don't think I was ever more excited for my period to arrive than when my Lunapads sampler and the Diva Cup kit showed up in my mailbox. And what do I think of your products? How about "ilfe-changing" and "I wish I had known about you years ago." Going non-disposable was completely incident- and stress-free. Thank you! (Would giving my friends Diva Cups for their birthdays be too weird?)