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Today is my first day using the DivaCup in conjunction with the LunaPads Mini Pantyliner. I am SO impressed and pleased. I just ordered a bunch more pantyliners to get me through each week, and I just e-mailed all my friends to tell them about these products. I

I'm on the heaviest day of my cycle right now, with no leaks, and the DivaCup is so comfortable that if I didn't have cramps right now, I'd probably forget that I have my period.

The pantyliner is super soft and comfy. I was worried it would slide around because I'm used to my disposables twisting, bending and bunching, but the pantyliner is staying put, I guess because the texture of the fabric lets it cling to the underwear just so.

Best of all, I'm fresh and dry, without the stickiness and consequent itching from those unbreathable disposable liners, yuck. I'm never looking back! You have a lifelong customer in me. Thank you so much for giving me control and making my period pleasant!

Despite my high expectations for Lunapads, I was pleasantly surprised. I love how comfy they are, even on my light days when usual disposables would rub my skin red and raw. I have only been used them for one cycle and I can't imagine going back to disposables!
I love the easy way I can move my Lunapads in case I did not get the right position at first. I had this problem from time to time with disposable pads, and it was just so inconvenient to tear it up and stick back again. The non-sticky Lunapads can just be pulled with a single move -- so good. 
I've used Lunapads for 5 years and am very happy with them. I have a sensitive skin with a  tendency for exzema, and lunapads changed my life. Before I discovered them, I suffered inflammation and rash every month due to the usual plastic protections. I bought an organic cotton starter kit and haven't suffered rash once!
I'm shocked at the difference between using disposable pantyliners and these cloth ones. The biggest difference is odor. I knew I detected an unpleasant odor after day-long use of disposables, but after using one of the Long Pantyliners, the difference was drastic. There's virtually no odor with these cloth pantyliners. 
I have to say, my last period was the best period I've had since I can remember. I bought a DivaCup Kit and the pantyliners are blow-your-mind amazing - it really feels like you're wearing nothing! Plus the cute colors and patterns look much nicer than white sticky plastic!

The Diva cup is pretty impressive, too - not once did it leak even the tiniest bit, and I could leave it in for a full twelve hours without worrying.

Lunapanties are what keep me sane during my period. My flow is somewhat irregular which always led to messy mishaps until I discovered Lunapanties. Now I can be confident that even if I bleed more heavily than I expect to I have an extra layer of protection built right into my underwear. They let me enjoy my period because they are comfortable and even fun to wear. I wish they came in some of the fabulous pattern prints, but even if just basic black, I love my Lunapanties.

The liners are so soft and comfortable and the different shape-styles offered means a wider range of fits for different body types. Thanks Lunapads for making an awesome product!

I love my Lunapanties so much I wear them even when I'm not having my period. They fit great, look great and they're organic cotton - what more could you want?
Goodbye ugly period underwear! Now I can look & feel sexy all the time. No one knows I on my period, and they are so comfy! I love them.
Since puberty I've always been a heavy, irregular bleeder. Before I went to college, I used generic disposable pads because that's what my mom bought, but I had a lot of leaks and consequently a lot of anxiety associated with my period. I switched to tampons in college, and I hadn't looked back, even though the tampons were far from perfect. I still had bleed-through now and then when I misjudged the level of absorbency needed, and toward the end of my cycle, ugh, really unpleasant to pull those things out.

And then a couple years ago, I started hearing about menstrual cups. I thought it sounded disgusting and messy, but ladies I know swear by them. I did some research, found out the DivaCup is large enough that I probably wouldn't ever need to change it in public restrooms, and that I could safely wear it in the days before an expected period, and I was sold.

The DivaCup took a little practice to insert properly, and I had a few light leaks (Lunapads Pantyliners did the trick) until I got the hang of it. But now I'm an ace at it! I'm more confident on my period than I've ever been, and I feel a lot safer knowing I have the cup with me in case my period is unpredictable. Somehow it's less embarrassing than carrying around tampons.

I would not go back at this point. The cup can be a little messy (not by virtue of itself, but because I have to put my fingers in the messy area to insert or remove it), but it's not bad. And it saves me both money and embarrassment. It's a great product I'd recommend to anyone.

I've been using lunapads and lunapanties for a long while now. I bought my first lunapad in 1997! Now I can't imagine my life without them. The first time, I was completely amazed at how much more comfortable they were than disposables - it was almost like being able to wear my favourite flannel pjs everywhere during the day. Thanks to these beautiful reusables, I've felt so much more empowered about my periods. AND I've also become much healthier and aware of my body as the years have gone by. It's amazing what a big difference this has made in my life. THANK YOU! Keep up the great work!
People don't believe me when I tell them, but I haven't had a single cramp since switching from disposable pads to Lunapads 8 months ago. Lunapads have made me feel so much better about my period, and I actually look forward to using them each month. I used to have allergic reactions and a lot of irritation from disposable pads, but all that is a thing of the past since switching to Lunapads. I love them. LOVE them!

When I first placed my order, I thought washing them would be gross and dirty and something I would just have to "put up with," but I actually don't mind washing them at all. It's no harder than any of my other laundry, and they've held up beautifully (no staining, no shrinking, very, very minimal fading with the dark colors).

Since switching to Lunapads and realizing how much money we've saved not having to buy disposables every month and discovering how easy they are to care for, I'm seriously considering cloth diapering when we have a baby. Thanks, Lunapads!

I never liked using disposible products. I am more of a natural mama, loved cloth diapers and loan mine out to all my friends. So why did it take me so long to get a diva cup? I love it. Tampons make me so dry. My cycle is so light for 5/7 days it felt like I was ripping my insides out when I took my tampon out! Now I am so so happy. I don't dread my period and it might be weird, but I like knowing how much and what it looks like. Just like seeing the placenta when my babies were born. I tell everyone about it!
I really hadn't given much thought to non-disposable menstruation products until I accidentally found your site. I initially ordered the pantyliners to "give it a try". Now, I'm hooked and just ordered a second batch of pads. They are so much more comfortable than disposable pads. They don't irritate my skin or get all smelly!

I really feel good about using less garbage and it's something that's better for my body as well. I'm a nurse so there really wasn't an "eww factor" to this process. I'm loving your pads and will certainly pass on your website to my environmentally conscious friends. So glad I found your site! Thank you Lunapads!