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I bought the DivaCup seven months ago after a couple of years of using Instead Softcups. I found the Diva Cup through the Dodson and Ross blog and thought it sounded like an excellent idea. I am thrilled with not having used feminine products in the waste basket. Though the cost was a shock initially, I know that it has saved me money in the long run. I love not having to dash to the drug store at the last minute. I am a convert for the rest of my reproductive life, when this one needs to be replaced, I will definitely be back!
I took a vacation to the beaches of NC and of course my monthly visitor picked the first day to show up. Instead of being stuck beach side during our only vacation of the year, I was able to swim with no problems. I had a wonderful time and barely thought about my period. Thanks! 
I have used my DivaCup regularly since purchasing it several years ago. It has been a lifesaver, particularly as I have gotten close to menopause and experience heavy periods.
LOVE THE DIVA CUP! Just bought it after thinking about it for over 2 years (I saw it about 5 years ago). It fits and works great! A little practice time to figure out how to use it.. but it's so convenient with a teeny pantyliner. I've ordered from Luna Pads a few times, each time I call, someone who is very caring answers. THANKS!
I purchased a Diva Cup about five years ago and would never think of using anything else for my period! I have saved an incredible amount of money and feel great that I'm doing my part to be eco-positive! Thanks so much Lunapads!
I've been using the Diva Cup for 3 years now, and I love it! I love knowing what a difference I'm making by not having pads and tampons clog up water systems and the landfill, I love being able to travel so lightly when I am bleeding, and I LOVE what your company stands for, for women. It's just fabulous.
I have been using my Lunapads for 9 years now! They were a lifesaver after my daughter was born via VBAC seven months ago, and I am so looking forward to giving her a set of her own when she reaches puberty. I love how comfortable they are, and that I don't have to contribute to landfills every month. My husband- who surprised me while he was still my boyfriend by purchasing my Lunas for me all those years ago- loves that with them, I'm not exposing my body to dioxin or other harmful chemicals. Love you guys and the great work you do. Keep it up!
My teen and I have been happy Lunapads users for years. We love the comfort and convenience of our re-usable pads. Recently, I received a message from the director of our Youth and Teen program asking for holiday donations for a family in need. The Mom and Daughter asked for feminine hygeine products in lieu of gifts. This broke my heart! To think that these ladies were having such a hard time meeting their needs that they asked for those items instead of anything else! I immediately called the director and asked if the ladies would be willing to try Lunapads. A few minutes later I received a call with an enthusiastic YES! I happily ordered a deluxe kit for Mom and a deluxe teen kit for daughter and can't wait to get the items! Thank you Lunapads for being such a wonderful company and having such a terrific product that I can share! This is one less thing these ladies will have to worry about.
I love that Lunapads is a small company, comprised of women who can understand exactly the way I'm feeling. When I looked over the receipt of my first order and noticed that one of the gals had written 'Blessings!' in bright pink pen on my receipt, I really felt that I was being personally cared about.
I have never been able to find a product that worked well for my lifestyle and menstrual flow but i was headed out for a three week bike trip and my period was falling right in the middle week, so i went on a mission! I was reading a blog by a women who is cycling the world and she had mentioned the DivaCup. I googled it and came up so I ordered it and a Lunapad and I couldn't be happier!

I will never go back to tampons. In fact I got a back up DivaCup just in case I dropped one down an out house or something.  Really i would recommend it to every women, I am now a serious seller to all my women friends! I would have never thought to look for something like this for environmental reasons, I had thought about how wasteful pads and tampons are but had never thought to look for something else until the prospect of biking for a week in the heat and camping on my period with leaky bulky tampons!!! Bottom line: BEST PRODUCT EVER!

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how great I think my Lunapads are. I was really surprised at how absorbent the pads are, and I love the fact that they don’t hold moisture close to your body, very much unlike plastic pads. And best of all, I feel like I'm doing the landfills a favor when I toss my pads in with my laundry every month. Thanks!
Thank you so much! I am a 15 year old girl and I HATE my period, especially during the months I'm at school, but Lunapads make me feel more comfortable with my period. THANK YOU!
I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the wonderful job that you do.  Everything is very personalised and I love that.  It makes me feel more comfortable when ordering. 
Years ago my boyfriend at the time had told me that I should look into washable pads as that's what his sister and mother were using and I remember being really disgusted (was 14 at the time and media is very powerful at that age).  Since then, I have become a much more environmentally friendly and aware individual.  Also, I have sensitivity issues down there and the real cotton has been a godsend!
I want to thank you for making my period more fun and exciting (if that's even possible lol).  You can be sure that I promote your products and I've been trying for the last few months to convert my 14 year old sister.  But she is just like I was at that age.  I'll have to maybe look into getting her a teen starter kit with my mom and maybe that will push her over the right edge. Thank you all and please always find a way to keep doing what you're doing.
Hello, I want to write to thank you're company for making the wonderful product that you provide. It is so hard nowadays to buy a feminine product that is not bleached, and filled with dioxin and adhesives. I am allergic to these chemicals and it seems to be getting harder and harder for me to find pads that so not have these. Your products are really perfect for me, and I love that you offer them in organic, undyed cotton. I want to tell everyone woman I know that there is a better option! Lunapads is the type of company that I am proud to support. Thank you again!

I believe this to to be my first time to ever write a review for something I've ordered online, but I'm so satisfied with my decision to switch to reusable cotton pads and lined underwear that I absolutely needed to comment. I started using The DivaCup a few months back and of course I was impressed, so I decided to look into what else there was in the way of reusable and natural products.

This was the most recommended site. I didn't even shop around for different brands or companies like I normally do, I read the comments and I was hooked. I even washed everything as soon as I got them without worry for returns, everything fit perfectly and the pads were so soft. I knew I would be happy, but this is above and beyond. Even your customer service and response time is admirable. It's only my second day using them, but I have never been so comfortable and sound wearing these. Not only are they incredibly comfy, reusable and natural, they're going to save me tons of money in the long run, and they help women in Africa, a place very close to my heart.

Thank you for making my time of the month less of a burden.