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Thong Pantyliner

Thong Pantyliners are a thin, super-breathable option for very light flow, spotting, daily leaks, or as backup protection with an internal menstrual product.


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Includes 1 Thong Pantyliner

Lunapads Pantyliners are a simple, all-in-one design. They are our thinnest, most breathable option, and are meant to be used on their own. Removable Inserts cannot be added to increase their absorbency.

Thong Pantyliners are 6” (15 cm) long and approx 2.5” (6 cm) wide when fastened.
Suitable for very light flow, spotting, backup protection, or for everyday leaks throughout the month.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Construction and Performance

2 Layer, 100% cotton flannel base topped with gusset panel made with 2 layers of soft and absorbent 100% cotton fleece. Nickel-free, Silver-plated brass single snap fastening.

Pantyliners are suitable for daily discharge, light menstrual flow or as back up for a menstrual cup. Lunapads Pantyliners will last approximately as long (per use) as a comparably-sized disposable pantyliner. However, unlike most disposable pantyliners, Lunapads do not contain any added chemicals, gels, or super absorbent polymers. Given this, Lunapads users need to be mindful of changing their pantyliner as frequently as their flow dictates in order to prevent soaking through.

Lunapads will last upwards of 5 years with recommended usage and care. Many of our customers report they still own some Lunapads from 10 years ago!

Wash and Care

Lunapads can be washed by hand or machine in any temperature with your regular detergent. Pre-soaking or rinsing in cold water prior to washing is recommended (but not always necessary) particularly if the pads are heavily saturated. do not soak for longer than 24 hours.

We recommend natural cleaning products such as Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda for regular cleaning, and Buncha Farmers Stain Remover to perk up stained Lunapads. Heavily stained Lunapads may also benefit from occasional machine wash and dry in hot settings or air drying in direct sunlight.

Please avoid the use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to clean Lunapads, as this will decrease the performance of the products and is harmful to the environment.

How to Use

Wrap the Pantyliner around the gusset of your underwear and close the snap to secure in place. The fleece panel should be facing up (towards your body on the inside of the panty), as this is the most absorbent part of the pantyliner. Note that incorrect placement of the Pantyliner may result in result reduced comfort or performance.

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Absorbency Everyday
Body Petite, Average
Features Natural Fibres, Organic Fibres
Length 6" (15cm)


Customer Reviews (11)

Hard to review because... Review by Naomi
This is a tough one for me: The liners themselves are very soft and they're great backups (I also used as a liner on last day for spotting see below)

HOWEVER: When worn with a thong (as they're meant for) they are so incredibly bulky!!! They were way too wide so they actually just spun on my underwear as if they were on some awkward theme park ride. I found when wearing a thong they moved around a lot and I had the worst time and I hate being uncomfortable at work (I'm on my feet for 90% of my work day). With every step I took I could feel it moving to the side and sliding around and it was awful.

Now, That being said I tried wearing one of these liners with a regular pair of underwear and had a completely different experience: they were great! Very comfortable, soft, didn't slide around, and were perfect backups for leaking/spotting. So this is a difficult review because as a liner they work, but as for a THONG LINER (which is what they're meant for) they're an ordeal I wish to never repeat. I'm going to just keep wearing them over regular undies from now on! (Posted on 9/5/2017)
Better than disposable!Review by Sei
These liners are great! I use these as a backup with my divacup or just as a liner on the last day of my period. They are a little bulky but they still feel better than disposable liners and work better. I'd recommend wearing them with full coverage-type thongs as they don't really work with g-string type thongs. (Posted on 9/4/2017)
AwesomeReview by Kylie
I love this! I wear these on the start and end of my period. Love wearing these with my thongs too :) (Posted on 5/25/2015)
Great pantyliners for thongs and non-thongs!Review by Stephanie
I love these for 'converting' my regular thongs to period-friendly thongs, but they also work well as pantyliners for other kinds of panties. Very nice to have, super comfy, and pretty! (Posted on 1/9/2015)
Awesome and comfortableReview by Kristie
I love these thong panty liners! I bought them to wear with normal underwear, not thongs, since I wanted something smaller than the teeny liners throughout the month. I find these to fit fine in normal underwear like bikini-style briefs, and the fact that they're tapered makes them stay in place. Hardly feel them, they are super-absorbent, and love that they are breathable unlike plastic panty liners. Also love being more eco-friendly, and they're pretty too! (Posted on 9/16/2014)
Perfect!Review by Tor
This pantyliner is perfect. Well-contructed, breathable, and not bulky at all. I love having a pantyliner that I can use with a thong. It's perfect for the beginning and end of my period, when my flow is light and I don't want to bother with my Diva Cup. I've never had any issues with leaks either: these pantyliners are all really absorbent. So glad I tried these!! (Posted on 6/10/2014)
Perfect for a Cup userReview by Clickety
I usually wear tanga or hipster undies, and these pantyliners work perfectly with those styles. They provide the perfect amount of coverage and don't ride up too much. Definitely need to get a couple more to complete my collection :) (Posted on 9/24/2013)
My "Sometimes" LinersReview by Danika
My everyday liners are the Lunapads "Mini" liners, but for those days when I'm feeling a little more girly, I love my thong liners! Even though I miss the length of my minis, these can stand up to the same everyday abuses.

Great product! (Posted on 9/6/2012)
I was so happy to wear thongs again during my cycle!Review by Katie
I was so happy to wear thongs again during my cycle! I use the Diva cup but sometimes a bit leaks out after a change so having the thong panty liner makes me feel confident I won't wreck my fancy things! I also can wear a tight dress again during my moon time!
Thanks so much! (Posted on 5/26/2011)
Perfect back upReview by Lollie
I bought a full set of the thong panty liners. I love them as a back up to the Diva cup or for spotting. They are super comfy, the only thing Ive had a problem with is using them with Lacy soft thongs.. i find matching them with well fitting Cotton thongs hold them in place and stop any slippage back and forth. Other then that, highly recommend! they really are great! (Posted on 4/27/2011)
Love these pantylinersReview by Jill
I love all the lunapad panty liners. My favorite are the mini liners but these thong liners are great when you want no pantyliner but still need a little coverage. They stay in place really well too. I put the tag from the pantyliners tucked under the open part of the gusset in thong panties to help keep them in place. LOVE not having the disposable sticky feeling. (Posted on 2/4/2011)

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Reusable menstrual products are eco-friendly, money-saving, healthy alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. Lunapads will last well over 5 years with recommended use and care! While individual use may vary, we estimate that a single Lunapad replaces 120 disposable pads or tampons.

A Conversation about The DivaCup

There are lots of reasons to switch from tampons to The DivaCup; convenience, comfort, your health, the environment, financial savings & more. This first episode in our new video series shares the personal accounts of a group of DivaCup users, and explores what motivated each woman to try this innovative menstrual solution.

Why Switch to Lunapads?

Roughly 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are sent to North American landfills annually. Each menstruating person in North America will throw away an estimated 16,800 disposable pads or tampons in their lifetime; products that require hundreds of years to biodegrade. Imagine the difference we could make if we chose to ditch the disposables.

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