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Planet Wise Wet / Dry Bag

Carry Extra Lunapads supplies in one side and used ones in the waterproof-lined side. Don't leave home without it!

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Planet Wise

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Dimensions: Approximately 5" x 10" (12.7cm x 25cm)

This discreet, cute-as-a-button bag has 2 compartments; a zippered "dry" section for carrying unused Lunapads, and a "wet" pvc-free, waterproof PUL lined section to store used pads until you're home and can add them to your laundry. The wet section features a waterproof seam design to prevent leaks, and a locked zipper for sturdy closure. Perfect for day trips and on the go! Fully machine washable and dryable.



Additional Info

Additional Info

Wash and Care

To ensure longevity Planet Wise bags should be washed on a Warm/Cold Temperature setting and machine dried. We do not recommend using a detergent with brighteners and/or additives. These detergents may contain bleach additives. Bleach will destroy the PUL (lining material) of your product. Using vinegar, baking soda, oxygen cleaners, harsh chemicals, and oils will shorten the life of your product and destroy the PUL.

How to Use Place extra supplies in fabric compartment and used supplies in waterproof lined compartment.


Customer Reviews (12)

Discreet, but wish the "clean" area was larger.Review by Amanda
I ordered this when I ordered my first set of pads. I also bought the large stash bag. I was hoping this bag would be perfect for my purse to bring whatever clean pads I needed when leaving the house. If you buy any pads with wings, you will have to fold them. Also, depending on the size of the pad, you might have to fold those, too. I am still very happy with it! Actually just took it with me on a backpacking trip and it worked great. I just wish the clean area was big enough for me to put a pad or two without having to fold them.
(Posted on 7/26/2016)
Cute and handy!Review by Rachael
This bag is great!
To the untrained eye it looks like a pencil case :)

I rise my pads after use and pop it in the wet pouch, keep fresh inserts in the dry pouch.
I just wish it was a little bigger, but other than that it's a wonderful product!! (Posted on 6/6/2016)
Love!Review by Devon
This bag is so pretty, you'd never guess it was full of period supplies! The bag was bigger than I expected (which is a good thing). I fit 2 mini pad, 4 liners (2 winged), and a pantyliner inside the smaller zipper compartment, and it zipped up just fine. I also love how there is a waterproof lining in the bigger zipper compartment.

For those of you purchasing in Galaxy Dots, the background is chocolate brown, not black like it looks in the picture. (I think the brown looks much prettier) (Posted on 7/16/2015)
Wouldn't want to deal with my period without it--Review by Lacey
This little bag is perfect--it's so discreet. I really feel comfortable toting it in to the bathroom, even at work or when I'm out with male friends. So much easier than carrying in my whole purse, and it's got that convenient sealed section for a wet cup or used pads. I usually keep a couple of Wysi Wipes in it as well, in case I need to do any emergency cleaning. And it's pretty. (Posted on 1/16/2015)
Compact and Convenient - Excellent! Review by Danielle
With my cloth pads and accessories, I'm a bit of a minimalist. This wet/dry bag is my only carrying accessory, but it's little and versatile - the BEST! It can hold an extra base pad and a few inserts, fits perfectly into all my handbags (large and small) and washes well. I've had mine for 2 1/2 years and it's in "like new" condition. Highly recommended! (Posted on 1/13/2015)
Awesome little bag!Review by Clickety
I actually have two of these, one for my emergency period supplies that stay in my car, and one for my regular period stuff. I am able to fit 2 mini panty liners, 4 thong panty liners, and my Sckoon cup into my regular period bag, while my emergency kit contains just one mini pad and 3 inserts. Each bag is perfect for my needs. I do kinda wish they were a little bit bigger so that my regular period stash wasn't so squished, but it works just fine as is. (Posted on 9/23/2013)
Nice compact bagReview by Babs
What I love is that the front pouch and main waterproof area basically expand into each other, so it is really easy to manage my clean and used stuff without changing the overall size of the bag, making it super compact.

However, the bag is just barely big enough to hold my entire period stash, and I should note that my "entire stash" includes 5 pantyliners, 9 lunapad liners, and a single pair of Lunapanties (which realistically are a little too big to be housed here with the rest - I'll overstuff the bag with them temporarily if I'm travelling, but they generally live separately in my drawer so not to strain the zipper). If I also had a regular Lunapad or two, it probably wouldn't all fit, and it cannot also hold my Divacup, which is a little disappointing.

I can make it work, but I feel like the Moon Bag might have been a better choice for the purpose I was going for (basically holding my whole stash for travel purposes and storage).

This being said, this would be great for someone who just needs to have some stuff with them for a day or two and will be emptying/changing it out at night. (Posted on 8/30/2013)
works great--added a ribbon for "wristlet"Review by reviewer
The product works very well. It's just big enough for a day's or overnight supply of pads and liners. If you need more ample storage, consider the Moonbag, which is also a fantastic product. To the person who wished it had a strap: I looped a thin satin ribbon through the top zipper, and presto--a wristlet-sorta-case that can be hung from a hook if needed.

I deducted one star because I'd love it if it were 2 inches (overall) bigger. (Posted on 8/23/2013)
Excellent product!Review by Lauren
I'll admit that when I first got this carry bag in the mail, it was smaller then I'd expected, but that's my own fault for not checking the dimensions right here on the product page. However, the size has turned out to be perfect. It fits several pad liners at once, doesn't leak, cleans easily, dries quickly, folds in half to slide into a jacket pocket for extra discreet and hands-free transportation, and also fits perfectly into an outer backpack pocket or purse.

I chose this option because of the lesser cost compared to the moon-pad bag, and they didn't seem a lot different, except that both pockets on the moon-pad bag are lined while only one of these is. I am not at all disappointed. I really only need the one water proof pocket anyway for used liners, while the clean ones go in the unlined pocket.

I'm now looking at the larger carry bag for longer-term storage/travel, and also a smaller one for easy transportation during short outings such as a dinner or movie. Sheesh, it never ends! So many great products!

On another note, I did get a cloth fold-out bin thing from the dollar store, and it surprised me by coming with a velcro-in divider, thus sectioning off the bin into 8 small compartments. This fits perfectly in a dresser drawer and is ideal for organizing lunapads and liners! (Posted on 8/24/2012)
GreatReview by linsey
The only thing I would change about this product is that I wish the side zipper was a little bigger so I could fit my back up divacup in there too. I have yet to need that though, I'm a panty liner girl. It's pretty perfect for a lighter flow, if you need more I think the moon pad bag might be better for you. It comfortably fits seven panty liners folded up into little envelopes in the side pocket and I can unfold them to let them dry in the lined part (which never leaks). I keep it on top of my dresser in the month and just put in my purse when I'm going to start. It fits very nicely in my normal/small purse. You don't need a massive bag to carry this around at all. It's about the size of a small steno notebook. And the best part is, no one knows what it is except me and my loving boyfriend. It's a not a big pink box of liners that I have to hide inside my dresser each month, and the cute owls remind me that I have no reason to hate my period when it does come around. I've even had a few girls unknowingly compliment me on how cute it is as a little bag. I just grab it and use a a few pads each day, when I come home I put them in my little mesh laundry bag. When I go through all fourteen of my liners (which generally marks the end of my cycle) I wash it all and put seven back in the bag. And that's what my period is like now :) I couldn't do it without this bag. (Posted on 5/28/2012)
Awesome!Review by Xty
Love this thing. Perfect size to fit my peri bottle and diva cup. I keep my Wysi wipes in the outside zipper. What more could you ask for? (Posted on 5/15/2012)
Very useful - just wish it was a wristlet!Review by Beema
I have been using cloth pads for almost 10 years, in combination with the Diva Cup and disposables. I've always been reluctant to use cloth pads at work, because I didn't have a good way to store and transport the pads. This is it! This bag is a good size - you can fit a long liner flat - and no problems so far with leaks. I only wish that it had a wristlet strap or some kind of loop that you could use to hang it on a hook - sometimes in public bathrooms there isn't a clean surface to put it down on. Also, the brand tag is kind of gigantic, which doesn't affect its function, but is weird and distracts from the lovely fabric patterns. (Posted on 2/6/2012)

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