Faster, Higher, Bloodier: Periods and Athletes

What is it like to be a world-class athlete - and get your period?
by Jane H.

Surfing The Crimson Wave: A Practical Guide To Heavy Flow

At Lunapads, we’ve learned that every period is different. Some of our customers manage their flow with a few pads or a trusty pair of...

by Jane H.

This Is What A Feminist Business Looks Like

As feminists and entrepreneurs, Madeleine and Suzanne have been working for nearly 20 years to run an unapologetically feminist for-profit business. Unfortunately, we’re now seeing...

by Jane H.

When You're A Refugee, And You Get Your Period

One of the most satisfying things we do here at Lunapads is run the Pads4Girls & One4Her projects - this allows us to help encourage...

by Guest Blogger

From Vancouver to Uganda and Beyond: The One4Her Story

We still remember receiving the handwritten letter that was the first step in our global menstrual health journey. It was early in 2000, and Suzanne...

by Alysha S.

Full-Time Feminist: An Interview with Angie Coates of the Five15

Here at Lunapads, we're passionate about supporting feminist entrepreneurship. That's why we're psyched to introduce you to Angie Coates, a friend of Lunapads and a...

by Jane H.

Vulvas: A User's Guide

Here at Lunapads, we're all about getting to know your body, since knowledge is power! We're asking our friend Kristen Gilbert, Director of Education at...

by Guest Blogger

A Fat Girl Talks About Her Sex Life

February is the month for luuurve, but let's face it - you might not be feeling it for any number of reasons. To bring you...

by Guest Blogger

Three Badass Ways to Shut Down Period-Shaming

If you have a period, it is both likely and unfortunate that you will encounter a period-shamer during your life. The first time this happened...

by Guest Blogger