The Crumbling Dream of Reproductive Freedom in America

Don't take reproductive rights for granted.
by Guest Blogger

Fibroids 101

Fibroids are a common problem - here's a 101 to get you started.
by Guest Blogger

This Is What Lunapads Are Made Of

Our period products are made of cotton, and we get a lot of questions about that. 

Ethical manufacturing?

It's more complicated than you think. 

by Jane H.

Gaslighting Period Pain Is Having Serious Consequences For Menstruators

When it comes to pain...believe trans and queer folx. Believe POC. Believe women.
by Guest Blogger

Your Hair, Your Choice - Seriously

Body hair removal is something that we use for gender presentation, social conformity and personal expression - but here's the thing. You don't need to remove it at all. 

by Guest Blogger

Seven Ways Reusable Menstrual Products Can Make You Feel Better About Things

Reusables can make you feel better in both body and mind.
by Guest Blogger

How Ads Have Period-Shamed Us For Decades

The ad industry is a mess of misogyny, and period ads are no exception. 
by Guest Blogger

Real Talk About Bladder Leaks

Let's talk about pee.


by Jane H.

How Reusables Helped Me Escape Body Shame

Many people grow up learning that periods are dirty or shameful. What if we learned that our periods are powerful?

by Guest Blogger