Meet a Changemaker: Brooke Lopez

Meet menstrual equity activist Brooke Lopez, who is bringing period realness to Texas with fearlessness and compassion.
by Jane H.

The Problem With Plastic

Plastic is everywhere. We can't get along without it. And that's a big problem.
by Jane H.

Six Ways To Ditch Period Pain, Naturally

Period getting you down? Here's six ways to to push back on the PMS - naturally.
by Jane H.

Absorbency 101: The Thirst Is Real

Super. Mini. Ultra. Lite. These are all adjectives that I found on a recent trip down the so-called feminine hygiene aisle. Certainly, they can give...

by Jane H.

Pleasure: From Selfish, to Sex, to Self-Care

Body positivity is the root of finding pleasure in your body.

(Yes, that includes orgasms.)

by Guest Blogger

Making Better Choices for You and the Planet

By now, most folks are aware of The Pink Tax that unfairly targets products marketed towards women. Products we want and depend on, from clothes...

by Jane H.

Faster, Higher, Bloodier: Periods and Athletes

What is it like to be a world-class athlete - and get your period?
by Jane H.

In Praise of Boring Self Care

Self care. These two words have become synonymous with massages, vacation, and any number of expensive luxuries. And I get it! 2017 was a tough...

by Jane H.

Making Period Education Cool Again

Cool project alert! We are working with Kristen Lilla and Christian Hoeger, two badass sex educators from Nebraska who are working on a touch-and-feel pop-up...

by Jane H.